A new way to sell and build your business


SMOS is about understanding the new power of social networks. It is now possible for you to interact immediately with your target customers. In turn they will form an instant and informed opinion of who you are and how your company is perceived by its customers, partners and investors.

We are entering an age where entire companies will be built on and around social networks. Social networks will provide the complete customer experience – marketing, awareness, engagement, sales, feedback, support and community.

In order to make this transition, companies must quickly adapt to this new way of doing business. That means management, marketing, sales and every single member of the team. Traditional silos in companies can and must be broken down. What is outsourced will change.

It is easier to reach and interact with new customers but that also means increased competitive risks unless you have a clear and continuously improving social strategy.


Social media strategy – define your goals

Social media implementation – work out how to achieve them quickly

Social media amplification – everyone needs a bit of help

Social media outsourcing – some need a lot of help

Social media branding – project the right images to clients and team

Social media optimization – continuous improvement and improvement





SMOS signs agreement with BeAmbassador

SMOS help BeAmbassador to enter the Latin American market. The company signed a partnership agreement with SMOS agency on June 29th. Accrediting it as an official partner in countries such as Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, Mexico and Spain. In this way, users interested in implementing Employee Branding strategies will have on-site support that will offer services such as demonstrations of the platform, consulting, training, monitoring, etc.


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