The journey is more important than the destination, only at SMOS, we name our journey “process” or the “social media pathway”. It will allow us to progress and thrive in our quest for our own Ithaka.

Nowadays, social media platforms feature companies that are true “influencers” in their own field. They are the goal to reach, the model to follow, in other words, the final destination that others aim at.  Many businesses, blinded by the glow of success of these shining stars, embark on a journey across social media “without a safety net” and make mistakes that can cost them dearly (not to mention those who buy followers or even likes…).

The journey across social media reminds us of the poem “Ithaca” by the Greek poet Konstantinos Kavafis (1863-1933), which begins as follows:

As you set out for Ithaka

hope your road is a long one,

full of adventure, full of discovery.

At SMOS we are experienced travelers of social media and we see the road we undertake as a path full of tests and challenges that we love to sort out and overcome. We know that this process will be long, full of adventures, full of experiences, and we are ready for it. Will you travel with us?

Digital travelers

The first step when embarking on a trip is to pack your bags wisely, which would be the equivalent of performing market research, to identify who are the benchmarks in the field where our business is specialized. During this first phase, we must also study those who stand out in foreign markets (either because of their design or their strategy, for example) and evaluate the feasibility of applying this “know-how” to our own case.

Once the suitcase is packed, we are ready to meet our traveling partners, namely our “followers”. It is time to identify everything we have in common with them and to show them a roadmap they like, with a neat design, attractive messages and a “special touch” that makes us unique. At this stage it is crucial to take a look at the calendar and establish the points of interest of the itinerary, our posts. It is important to bear in mind that being regular in these cases is rewarded, therefore it is essential for our team to structure the calendar with an appropriate and accessible frequency: starting hard and reducing the intensity down the road is usually not a good idea.

Although we have most certainly drawn up a perfect travel plan, it is important that we stay alert to unexpected weather conditions, such as market disruptions, changes in competitors’ strategies or, in the worst case scenario, “haters”.

Social media platforms do not rest, they are light sleepers, like babies. As such, we need to nurture and pamper them in order to make them grow strong and healthy. Observation helps in this task, but that’s not enough, we must be proactive and ask questions, test different payment strategies and conduct surveys to assess our followers’ satisfaction towards our profile and even more so, towards our company and its business proposal.

Once we’ve accomplished the above, if we consider that we are still far from our desired destination (remember that the goal is to be a company with successful social channels and loyal followers who are likely to become customers), we can only go back and start the journey again, perhaps changing direction and seeking help from more experienced travelers in social media… Has the time come to call SMOS?

Part of the customer journey

Certainly when the Irish writer and physician Oliver Goldsmith (1730-1774) said “Life is a journey that must be traveled no matter how bad the roads and accommodations”, he wasn’t referring to the “customer journey” and yet for us this makes perfect sense because we believe that the customer journey starts on social media. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., are the travel agency’s showcase where the customer pauses to pick a destination. Experts in organic growth on social media, at SMOS we believe that these platforms are, increasingly more often than not, the potential customer’s first contact with the sales funnel and, therefore, they deserve the utmost care. Do not leave them in the hands of just anyone because the stakes are high. You should rely on qualified professionals who are experts in the field to manage them. Yes, the time has come to call SMOS.

Esther Alonso

Esther Alonso

Content Manager SMOS

Juliana Koch

Juliana Koch

Graphic Editor SMOS