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Sector knowledge: we have worked with clients in your industry. 

When our specialists become part of your team, your company instantly becomes publicly bigger. This creates a beacon effect with multiple personalities representing the company.


Out team are all industry

Mónica Ochoa

Mónica is Colombian, currently living in Madrid. She began her professional career as a psychologist, which means she understands human motivations and what makes us tick. In recent years she has researched the evolution of social networks and led marketing projects, she is one of the founders of SMOS

Sofía Gómez

Sofía is a business administrator in Medellin, Colombia. She loves marketing and languages. She is proactive and fearless.

Juliana Koch

Juliana lives in Sao Paulo. She has marketing experience managing accounts with clients like Samsung, Bradesco, Nike, Wella and Ben & Jerry’s.

Isabel Guardado

Isabel Guardado is a Graphic designer. She has over 10 years experience in Marketing and Advertising both off and online.

Jacobo Beltrán

Jacobo is from Madrid and has always been involved in international sales and business development. In the last few years he has learnt a great deal about social media, developing techniques which are innovative. He is also one of the founders of SMOS.

Cristina Iglesias

Business Development and Marketing & Communication Strategist.

Gbenga Aladejebi

Gbenga lives in Nigeria, he is a passionate fan of the power of social media to connect people all over the world. He has a special interest in agriculture.

Isabel Granda

Isabel is based in Medellin, Colombia. She trained as a psychologist she worked on consulting and training for importants organizations. She is a lead community manager and strategist.

Juan Pablo Clavijo

Juan Pablo is a multimedia engineer with experience in web development, mobile development and multimedia content production. He has teamwork skills, responsibility and learning capacity.

Esther Alonso V.

Esther is a Spanish journalist expert in off and online communication. She has worked for different media and companies, dealing with different topics and sectors. She specialises in optimising workflows focused on business development.

Sebastián Vasquez

Sebastián is a international negotiator and economist. In charge of data analytics, he is responsible for measuring how our clients use social media to drive their businesses.

Juan Pablo Sierra

Juan Pablo is a multimedia producer who has more than 5 years of experience in developing interfaces and user experiences using different media. Always constantly learning and training new skills.

Sara Gómez

Sara lives in Medellin, Colombia. She is actually studying Marketing.She has more than five years experience in sales and is passionate about digital sales.

Our experts engage immediately with your target list of clients. Company content is posted, reposted, and promoted by them. Brand awareness and organic reach get an instant boost right in the core of your industry or target audience. Lead gen or final sales are achieved after we engage with customers.